First off, thank you for visiting my website. I really appreciate it.

My name's Tory. I reside in the great Pacific Northwest. 

I'm driven to create new never seen before products. I want to do things people dream of.

I've always enjoyed creating, and love pushing my limits.

I have created scales that I've never seen before, and my determination behind that is as long as I keep creating new products, then no one can truly copy me. By the time someone starts trying to mimic my products I've already created the next new thing. I love competition and there is plenty of it in knife making, that's why I love it.  I believe competition excels people to new levels and can push us to create things we may have never created otherwise. So, if you choose to buy one of my products, rest assured that I've put my heart and soul into it.

I do not plan to ever stop making knives, so you can always come back and find something new and exciting happening behind my shop door. Thank you for your support.